SSL Validation Defaults to False

Module: electron-packager

Published: April 22nd, 2016

Reported by: Mark Lee



Vulnerable: >= 5.2.1 <= 6.0.0 || >=6.0.0 <= 6.0.2
Patched: >= 7.0.0


Affected versions of electron-packager configure the generated application to disable SSL certificate verification by default.

This could allow an attacker with a privileged network position to launch a Man In The Middle (MITM) attack on the install process, intercepting the step where electron-packager downloads Electron for supported target platforms and architectures, and replacing the valid download with a tampered malicious one.

This only affects users using the electron-packager CLI. The strict-ssl option defaults to true for the node.js API.


  1. Update to version 7.0.0 or later.
  2. Delete the electron-download cache folder, which is by default located at ~/.electron.


Issue #333