Content Injection via TileJSON attribute

Module: mapbox.js

Published: October 24th, 2015

Reported by: John Firebaugh, Juan Broullón Sampedro



Vulnerable: <1.6.5 || < 2.1.7 > 2.0.0
Patched: >=1.6.5 <2.0.0 || >= 2.1.7


Versions 1.x prior to 1.6.5 and 2.x prior to 2.1.7 of mapbox.js are vulnerable to a cross-site-scripting attack in certain uncommon usage scenarios.

If or L.mapbox.tileLayer are used to load untrusted TileJSON content from a non-Mapbox URL, it is possible for a malicious user with control over the TileJSON content to inject script content into the "attribution" value of the TileJSON which will be executed in the context of the page using Mapbox.js.


Version 2.x: Update to version 2.1.7 or later. Version 1.x: Update to version 1.6.5 or later.


HackerOne Report #54327