Denial of service - Potential socket exhaustion

Module: hapi

Published: December 23rd, 2015

Reported by: Adam Baldwin



Vulnerable: <11.1.3
Patched: >=11.1.3


Versions of hapi prior to 11.1.3 are affected by a denial of service vulnerability.

The vulnerability is triggered when certain input is passed into the If-Modified-Since or Last-Modified headers.

This causes an 'illegal access' exception to be raised, and instead of sending a HTTP 500 error back to the sender, hapi will continue to hold the socket open until timed out (default node timeout is 2 minutes).


Update to v11.1.3 or later


Commit #aab2496 PR #179 Special thanks to James Halliday for bringing this exception pattern to our attention via the ecstatic advisory which lead to identifying this.