Node Security Services

We want to help you understand how secure your app is, learn to confidently build more secure code, and be prepared to defend and respond to threats as you encounter them.

Our experts take a positive approach to security. We believe in empowering developers to build secure software.

nsp Insider

Pull Request Reviews

  • Weekly security reviews of pull requests
  • Non blocking review process covering both open and closed pull requests
  • Reduce the time vulnerabilities are in production
  • Monthly rollup report on what was found and what was reviewed

nsp Outsider

Security Assessment Service

  • Get a view of your application through a malicious attacker's eyes
  • Identifies vulnerabilities automated scanners can't find
  • Thorough report of found vulnerabilities
  • Guidance to remediate and education to reduce likelihood of reoccurrance

nsp Live

Free for open source and the first private repo, then just $1/mo per private repo

  • Realtime checks, integrated into your tools and CI software
  • GitHub Pull Request Integration
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts for the modules you depend on
  • Manage acceptable risks or false positives with a simple interface